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How to Awaken the power of Ikigai




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About the Course

Let me guess...

- You feel stuck in your career, have no idea why and don’t know where to start from

- You don’t enjoy/like your work but find it too comfortable and secure to make changes

- You think that now is not the right moment and time

- You are worried that people will judge your decisions

- You lack confidence and faith in yourself that you can achieve what you want and can be the person that you want to be having the career you wish

- You can’t find what makes you happy and fulfilled, giving you the motivation to wake up in the morning

- You feel like you are wasting your time and energy and waiting for the moment when everything will feel more normal and will make more sense.

If that is you then your waiting is over!

You have to explore what makes you happy and fulfilled, something that you are good at but is also helping the world that surrounds you. Last but not least, you need financial security in order to focus on what is important.

Sign up for my easy to follow online course - a guide using the Japanese method of IKIGAI (life purpose) to build resilience and career that fulfils your passion and sense of purpose. Begin your journey by downloading my FREE MASTERCLASS to discover the concept of Ikigai.

Your Instructor

Sofia Souiri

Sofia Souiri

Specializing in holistic therapy/coaching, peak performance health, I help people go from burnout and brain fog to having high energy and a super sharp mind. I have clients around the world to up-level their health.

Sofia is an an Integrative Psychotherapist and life coach with experience in working with anxiety, depression bereavement and children trauma. She has been recognised as one of the Top Resilience Coaches by Coach Foundation.

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